Who is James?

Thomson Airways Flight Training for PressJames Ellis makes a mean cup of tea but is also a journalist, photographer, trainer and consultant who specialises in the travel industry.

Born in a pub in South Yorkshire mining town in the late Sixties, he caught the travel bug at an early age when his mother, Audrey, decided to pre-empt Shirley Valentine by moving to Greece when he was ten.

She did this by buying a car and caravan and driving the length of Europe with two young kids and her 20-year-old niece in tow. Thanks to a crash in France, an aborted attempt to drive up the Wurzon Pass in Austria (where caravans are banned) and deciding to navigate the pock marked roads of what was Yugoslavia rather than getting a ferry from Italy, the four-day journey took four weeks.

James has now travelled to more than 80 countries and is the former travel editor and deputy features editor of Metro. He writes for most national newspapers has co-authored a number of travel guides but this blog allows him to give his un-edited views on travel and the travel industry.

He lives in North Leeds with his wife Laura, their twin daughters Martha and Gracie and twin cats Mini and Uma.

You can contact him by clicking here