World Travel Market day one, random musings

I know I keep banging on about this but the world’s biggest travel expo not offering wireless to journalists is plain daft. The press room has about 40 terminals and wired links for people to plug lap tops into and there are hundreds of journalists all wanting to get online to report back – it just doesn’t work.

And while I’m at it… I’ve had conversations with at two different PRs from mega hotel groups who secretly agree with the free hotel wi-fi campaign… they just need to push their bosses into doing it. It will be a massive PR coup for the first group to offer it universally.

Abu Dhabi’s big announcement at their press conference was the opening of a new global green travel convention in the emirate for December next year. The venue, participants, speakers and content have all yet to be decided… Greenwash to gloss over questionable green, eco and sustainable practices?

The Maldives is opening up to midrange and independent tourism. Given the Indian Ocean country has traditionally kept tourists apart from the muslim population it could be a strategy that causes some unrest when Western ‘decadent’ practices start to spread.

So nice to sit through an Israel press conference for an hour and learn absolutely nothing new. I know they are fighting a battle to attract tourists but I was hoping for some radical announcement on their plans.

Egypt has a new logo and new ad campaign, it all looks flash and the ads are nice… will it attract any more people to go? I doubt it. The opening of the country’s ‘White Med’ coast next year could be an interesting development.

The Caribbean Tourism Organisation held their annual awards in a nearby bar after the show closed… a nice event but I do wish they’d make sure the winners were there to pick up their awards.

Good to see about 100 people eschew the traditional Monday night parties and head to the travel tweetup instead… Hoping tonight’s travel blog camp will be equally as interesting.