Who lives in a house like this?

42212_slide_showWell it could be you thanks to a new social accommodation network that’s just launched in London called Roomerama.

Some of you may know of couchsurfing.com, the accommodation network where people loan out a stay on their couch and that was going great guns until some recent allegations of a woman getting raped while staying on a blokes couch. Well Roomerama is a similar concept, but different.

You list your house or flat on the site and rent it out as a whole – plus you can rent it for as short or long a let as you like. You could for instance go on holiday and put your place up for two weeks to help claw some of the costs back…

At the moment, the site is largely populated by short term rental apartments and some of the pictures on there are seemingly being duplicated – I can’t quite work out if there’s been some bulk adding to the site or not. But it’s been a success in the States so I can’t see a reason why it wont catch on here.

In fact, come the Olympics, when many of us may want to get out of London, it may actually be a godsend although slightly worryingly, I can’t find any information about how your home is insured when someone stays there.