What's your worst hotel experience

An interesting one  has just popped into my inbox by price comparison site Trivago about their customer’s worst hotel experiences – they claim to have surveyed 4,800 people.

In order they are:

22 per cent: bugs in the room

14 per cent: nothing (which prooves we will complain about anything)

10 per cent: poor or broken sanitary arrangements

10 per cent: constant or noisy neighbours

8 per cent: theft from the room

7 per cent: food poisoning from the hotel

6 per cent: unfriendly staff (isnt this the norm?)

5 per cent: unacceptable food (ditto)

5 per cent: a construction site next to the hotel (were they in Spain in the 70s or Dubai in the 90s)

4 per cent: leftovers from former guests (see below)

4 per cent: dirty pool

3 per cent: no free room desite a reservation

1 per cent: wrong hotel bill

1 per cent: chlorine poisoning from the pool

All the above seem to pale compared to my own particularly nasty ‘leftover’ in the room when I stayed in the Quality Hotel in Brighton about seven years ago.

Once I’d fought my way through the recovering hens and stags draped around the lobby, I finally got to my room, only to find that despite just being ‘serviced’ there was a used tampon left on the side in the bathroom. Yes, A USED TAMPON.

A call to reception saw no apology, no grovelling, no nothing. They just send a maid back up to the room to clean it up (I didnt hang around to see her do it)

Now that really is a bad hotel experience, but Im sure you’ve had some worse ones… so let’s do our own survey. Come on, what’s your worse hotel experience:

email travel@ukmetro.co.uk