What's the worst job in travel?

For me, currently, it has to be reading any more about Ben Southall – the young lad who is doing the so called best job in the world, or looking after Australia’s Hamilton Island to the rest of us.

For anyone who’s been living in a bubble, Ben ‘won’ his job in a competition (read PR stunt) held by Tourism Queensland earlier this year.

I don’t begrudge Ben the job, far from it in fact; fair play to him and I hope he enjoys it. But as a story it’s been done to death: announcement of the competion, preliminary rounds, local hopefulls, last ten, Ben winning, Ben going out there, what Ben’s having today for breakfast.

Great stunt, nicely pulled off by TQ, tonnes of publicity and even imitated by a couple of other travel companies and destinations (second best job in the world anyone?).

So time to let it lie and bask in the glory? Nope, TQ are about to ram the idea down our throat once more with a new competition: to find four mates to join Ben (best best mates in the world?).

Im sure tonnes of people will want to join up (Im pretty sure it was 35k entries the first time round) and if you’re one of them, you can do so at www.islandreefjob.com. But it’s one dead horse I’m not keen to flog.