Weird things that bring down planes

House_mouse-1Anyone remember the first episode of The West Wing where a cabin crew member tells Toby Ziegler to turn off his mobile phone. The president’s aid says: ‘Are you telling me something I bought for $10 at RadioShack can really bring down a plane?’

Now while I’ve always believed that mobiles affecting a jet’s navigation systems to be a little far fetched, it actually became reality yesterday when a passenger dropped a mobile phone down a vent on a Newcastle bound Jet2 plane. The plane had to be dismantled until the phone was found…. not apparently because it was a phone in a vent, but because the phone was switched on, of course.

Meanwhile a packed jet heading for Heathrow from the US had to be grounded as a mouse was seen on board. The Delta Airways flight from JFK stayed on the ground at the behest of the pilot until the rodent was found on Sunday. No, it didn’t have its mobile phone switched on but there were apparent fears the mouse could chew through vital cables.