This site was NOT made on a Mac

Clean as an iPhone
Clean as an iPhone

If I ever needed proof of how much I love Macs, it came on Saturday when my other half put my iPhone on a 95 degree wash for two hours. After mild panic at how a budding freelancer would afford a new one (yes, I know about insurance and I know Im stupid for not having it), I looked up some info on the web and found some people had had success with wet iPhones by laying them in a bed of uncooked rice – apparently, the rice draws the water out. Two days later, I plugged the phone in and it worked – and  I got insurance!

When choosing what blogging software to used for, I had a pretty straight choice: go for a regular blogging website like Blogger or WordPress or create my own blog using Mac’s fancy iWeb software. For anyone who’s not used it, iWeb is meant to be pretty intuitive, you pick a design, you type, you drag and drop pictures and you publish to .mac, Apple’s servers.

As I pay Apple £55 a year to host my email and give me lots of online storage, it seemed a logical choice to try on iWeb. But for the last four days I’ve been pulling my hair out… the Apple templates are not much to write home about so I tried customising. But there’s no easy way to save your new custom template… So every time I created a new page, I had to set new pages widths, designate new fonts and the like. Not too much hassle for web pages that are informational and will not change much at a time, but a nightmare when you have to do it every time you blog a new post.

I searched the web again and came across a company called 11mystics who sell iWeb templates you can download. So I found one I like, downloaded it, put all the info on, copied my old Metro blog posts across to give it some weight and told everyone about it…. only to find out that most PCs don’t have the American typewriter font that was the base of the bought template and that on Internet Explorer it all corrupted meaning all the entries had to be changed manually…. I’m going thin enough as it is, by now, I was ready to pull the remains out.

So this morning, I got up at 5am and switched to It looks less clever but boy is it easier to use. And it has the added advantage of not needing me to carry my Macbook around everytime I want to update it. If needed, I can just head to an internet cafe, jump on a PC and do it.

So you’ve been warned: Macs, look good and survive washing machines … but absolutely crap for blogging!

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