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Blasting off with one of the Jonas brothers

So I finally got to meet the Big Cheese yesterday when we had a character breakfast in our hotel, the Contemporary Resort and Mickey finally turned up. We’d seen most of the other major Disney characters over the week but had failed to spot Mickey… I was beginning to think he must have been in [...]

Launch of traverati.com

Travel writers Catherine Quinn, Kieran Meeke and myself have just launched a new editorial website, traverati.com. I won’t go into too much detail here, but check the site out and let us know what you think www.traverati.com The official party line: New Launch: www.traverati.com featuring The 360 Traveller magazine Showcasing the best of travel writing, blogging [...]

Forget worldofjames, say hello to Matthew Ironbird

Why are Pirates called Pirates? Because they arrrrrgh Forget Worldofjames.com, for he is no more… welcome in his place, ooh arrrrrgh me hearties, Matthew Ironbird. For I have been turned into a Pirate ready to pillage by the good folk here at Disney… Despite the steady drizzle that rained on Orlando yesterday, (yes, it does [...]

Speeding on the water at Walt Disney World

I’m here at Walt Disney World in Orlando for the park’s annual resort showcase… basically, Disney brings a host of journalists from different publications and shows them what’s on offer here and what’s coming up for the coming year. And I have to say, on the first day yesterday, they pulled out all the stops [...]

Ever lost something on a plane? (and did you get it back?)

Quite a while ago, when I was travelling what seemed almost every weekend, I was in the middle of one of those mad sets of trips travel writers tend to do at some point. My memory is sketchy as to the actual series of events – the jetlag, not too much booze in business class [...]

Guest blog: Will Hide on why he's never seen anything crap on his travels

In the latest in our series of Crap Things Seen while travelling, renowned travel writer and Times scribe Will Hide tells us why he never finds anything he thinks is rubbish… In 20+ years of travelling I can honestly say it is extremely difficult to think of much that I regard as “crap”. I think [...]