Slice of Apple pie for Travelodge

So they may not have the most glamorous hotels in the world and even then, a weekend stay may see you surrounded by stag and hen parties, but budget hotel chain Travelodge certainly come up with some of the best PR ideas.

Some of the stunts that have gained column inches in Metro include space age all-in-one sleep suits, portable hotel rooms built in shipping crates (supposedly ideal for festivals as they can be dismantled and moved) and offering free hotel rooms at Christmas to couples called Mary and Joseph.

Of course, none of the ideas ever come to anything but serve their purpose through getting the company name out there and keeping it in the public eye – until now that is.

Today saw the company launch an app for the Apple iPhone which allows you to check available rooms in nearby hotels by using the company’s booking mechanism in league with the phone’s inbuilt GPS.

The app is available via the iTunes store and perfect for those nights when you’ve missed the last bus home and need somewhere cheap and nearby to stay.