Remember when air travel was glamorous?

Candy girls
Candy girls

So Panorama vs Ryanair turned out to be somewhat a damp squib and you can’t help wonder what all the preceding fuss was about. (Although the correspondence between the two at makes some interesting reading and I like the new verb ‘to Ryanise’).

But it did make me think how much the travel industry has changed since I took my first flight as a seven-year-old in 1975.

We were on a Singapore Airlines flight bound for Athens. The plane was an old 747 and it was in the days when the bubble still retained an air of mystery rather than being farmed out to increase revenue from premium economy passengers.

The air hostesses and stewards – long before they were PCed into ‘cabin crew’ – looked smart, chic and were ever attendant, to the point where it took almost two decades of flying and a free upgrade to stop me from citing Singapore as my favourite airline.

There’s a wonderful post on the blog with a host of pictures from travel’s glory years, when the female crew looked like glamour models (and spent an inordinate amount of time standing on the wings) and pilots looked like action heroes. The above pic is one of them, the rest can be found here.