Packing essentials: a CO alarm

Lynn is president and founder of CO Awareness Week, which isn’t held until November, but in the meantime, they are advising people to take a carbon monoxide alarm with them on holiday.

Lynn and her family suffered from CO poisoning some years ago, so if anyone knows what kind of effect the silent killer can have on family life, it’s her.

The main thrust of the campaign is to avoid tragic accidents like the one in Corfu three years ago, when two young children Christianne and Robert Shepherd were killed by poisonous fumes while on holiday.

I try not to normally beat the drum on here – nor make it too glum – but this sounds like as good a campaign as any to support, so remember, the cost of a CO alarm is less that £25 and that could save you or your family’s life when on holiday.

For more details, see their website