Moving on…


If you’re reading this you’ve probably seen the Tweet or the email about me leaving Metro – or you have remarkably weird browsing habits.

Anyway, it’s true. After 11 years, 10 of which were at the helm of the travel desk and as deputy features editor, I have decided to move on and will be departing this week.

Your first reaction is possibly panic at whether the story your client wanted placing is going to run, or whether you are still getting paid for the story you filed. The answer is yes to both.

While Metro will no longer have a dedicated travel editor, the features team will be handling scheduling as a group. Until the new system has bedded in, I suggest you send any queries to

For the time being, I will be blogging on here, tweeting on and offering my writing, editing, training and consulting services on a freelance basis. I’ll also be launching a website with Kieran Meeke (who is also leaving), concentrating on the book of my post-tsunami Sri Lankan experience and attempting to run 1095miles over the next year (that’s 3miles a day!).

So change your address books and keep me updated by clicking here and I hope to see you visiting on a regular basis.

Finally, thanks for all the help over the years. I hope we’ll stay in touch.