Guest author: Crap things seen while travelling. No2

Tonight I’ll be trying to post from the TTG awards and am also hoping to try and phlog with a couple of travel bods while there, so for today’s morning post I’d like to welcome the grumpily lovely David Whitley (, as WoJ’s first guest author with his contribution to the ‘Crap things seen while travelling’ section. Thanks David

The Bronte Beach train of shame

The walley trolley at Bronte
The walley trolley at Bronte

If there’s one thing the world is not short of, it is rubbish tourist trains. These brightly coloured, pathetic contraptions can be found chugging around just about any destination which attracts more than three visitors per year.
They generally offer staggeringly pointless misery tours, mowing down the odd pedestrian on the way and covering an area that could be walked just as easily.
Therefore, being the most feeble tourist train in the world is quite an achievement. It’s an accolade on a par with being the shortest midget or most incomprehensible tramp..
Step forward, then, the tourist train at Sydney’s Bronte Beach. The tiny circular track occupies part of the park just behind the beach, and the train goes round. And round. And round. There’s no sense of mystery, no deviation, no point.
It’s the only ride there, as well, so it can’t exactly hide its pitiful existence behind something good. The train sticks out like an elephant in a ballroom.
And the strange thing is, despite living in Sydney for nearly five years and going to Bronte regularly, I have never seen anyone other than the driver sit on the shame train.