Crap things I've seen while travelling. No1

In the first of an occasional series on crap things I’ve seen while travelling, I bring you The Bucket Fountain, Wellington, New Zealand

Back in the late 1960s, the tramlines of Wellington in New Zealand were pulled up along one of the main shopping streets, Cuba Mall. The street was paved and this crazy water fountain took it’s place.

Like the old board game, Mousetrap, the idea is one thing from the top sets a series of events in motion. In this case, the top bucket fills up with water and becomes so heavy the bucket tips on a hinge and pours its water into the bucket below. This then fills and the sequence is supposed to continue… except it doesn’t. Instead water splashes all over the place and when there’s a wind (not unusual in Wellington, I hasten to add), shoppers passing by get drenched.

To be fair, no one in Wellington thinks the Bucket Fountain is any good, to the point where they actually switched some of the buckets around on one refit to purposefully make it splash more.

There’s a website dedicated to it click here and on Friday and Saturday nights, jokers sometimes stick a load of washing up liquid in it making Cuba St look like a foam party with this very odd contraption at its centre.