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No more green waiver forms?

So America’s Department of Homeland Security (also know as ‘we scare you witless when we come on holiday’) has finally decided to scrap the need for visitors from Visa Waiver countries to fill in the green I94W form on arrival. Frequent visitors to the US will know that a supposed paperless system, the Electronic System [...]

V.Hols in V.big travel writing cock up

Why on earth do people think that just anyone can be a travel writer? Because if you’re one of the dozens of scribes trying to scratch out a living at a time when newspapers are cutting commissioning budgets, the latest announcement from Virgin Holidays can only be seen as yet another  insult to the profession. Apparently, [...]

Five-star pet peeves

For this post, I’ve teamed up with travel writing colleague, Jill Starley-Grainger  to come up with our pet peeves about luxury hotels. Jill has come up with eight of the offerings, myself with two and the whole post has to be read over our two websites (well, we have to drive traffic you know). Whether [...]

Guest blog: Crap things seen while travelling no.8. Little Englanders abroad

Many thanks for today’s Crap Things guest blog to the lovely Catherine Mack of and co-editor of I had been in Kenya for three days, on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to write about The Travel Foundation’s work with the Maasai. During 2007, Maasai village elders had come together with The Foundation to put a [...]

Ever lost something on a plane? (and did you get it back?)

Quite a while ago, when I was travelling what seemed almost every weekend, I was in the middle of one of those mad sets of trips travel writers tend to do at some point. My memory is sketchy as to the actual series of events – the jetlag, not too much booze in business class [...]

Guest blog: Will Hide on why he's never seen anything crap on his travels

In the latest in our series of Crap Things Seen while travelling, renowned travel writer and Times scribe Will Hide tells us why he never finds anything he thinks is rubbish… In 20+ years of travelling I can honestly say it is extremely difficult to think of much that I regard as “crap”. I think [...]

If you want a reason to leave the UK, check this

As news comes in that we are two degrees warmer than the poles, I’ve just been emailed this picture from the Dundee Satellite Receiving Station ( – it shows the UK looking pretty cool as it’s covered in snow… All the more reason to leave the country… or it would be if the airports were [...]

An apology from WoJ

Okay, okay… I know I’ve been a bit rubbish updating the blog for the last week or so but I am caught up in wedding fever in anticipation of our tying the knot this weekend. I’ll be shutting down now until next week when I’ll be back with three weeks of almost daily destination updates [...]