Brid or Madrid? Does anyone care

Headed into town on Saturday with two godkids to a very, very packed Madame Tussauds, one of Southern Railways posters from a campaign earlier this year caught my eye: Portsmouth, the new Malta.

I know it’s a campaign that’s been running through the summer but the reason I bring it up is a story that also caught my eye over the weekend. Apparently, following a debate on aBBC Radio Cambridgeshire show when Janet Reuben of Visit Hull and East Yorkshire went head to head with Beatrix Balesteros of the Madrid Tourist Board, Bridlington was voted a better holiday destination than Madrid.

What I don’t really get is why either Portsmouth or Bridlington want to advertise themselves in contrast to somewhere else. In fact, aspiration to be the ‘new Malta’ is as likely to put me off going to Portsmouth as anything else.

Portsmouth has tonnes of history and last time I looked – admitedly in 1973 – Bridlington was a perfectly adequate seaside town and I’m sure it has only got better in the last 36 years.

So why don’t the tourist boards give me a better idea of what I can actually do when there and try and lure me that way instead of telling me what other destination it could be like.

Despite Aer Lingus’s latest campaign today to convince people to ditch the staycation it seems many people are still taking some of their holidays in the UK, so come on Pompey and Brid, blow your trumpets and tell us what you’ve really got.